Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I want that cake cake cake cake cake!

I just celebrated my birthday here in Las Vegas:). I had the most beautiful birthday surrounded by ppl who care about me.  We had dinner at Cleo Las Vegas and the night went on at foxtails Las Vegas.  My girlfriend from the Grand Havanna Room once told me that your birthday is the biggest holiday.  It's bigger than Xmas, Halloween etc...because it's the day you were born.  And YOU change this world the day you are born�� I loved that talk and I never forgot it.  So birthdays have always been very important to me.  It shows a measure of friendship.  It's one day out of the year where your friends can be there for you.  I looked around the dinner table and felt so blessed to have made some really wonderful friends here in Las Vegas.  I'm grateful and excited for all the blessings in store for me this year!

Some of my gorgeous girlfriends who made it out to celebrate with me❤️❤️  I love you girls so much!  I've only been in Las Vegas for two months.  The first month was so hard.  It was tough to make friends.  But things are finally starting to fall into place❤️
My gorgeous roommate Lisa Duffy was also my cocktail waitress that night and my brother Eli Pacino.  Eli never misses my birthday.  Words cannot describe how much I adore them both.  

Me and kami Rahbaran celebrating our Birthdays together����. I love you Kami!  Wishing you all the very best this year��
This is only half of our dinner table. I'm kicking myself that I didn't get a photo of everyone��. Here shown at Cleo las vegas❤️
I love this girl❤️. Simone killing it back at our hotel room at the sls hotel las vegas❤️  I am so glad I met her��. This girl spent endless hours setting up my birthday and cleared her schedule to be there for me.  She's the kind of friend that we all hope for.  And she's killing it in��
Cleo Las Vegas 

My toast with the beautiful Tiffany Finn��
And all the birthday love��
This year I will be celebrating my life for everything that it is����������

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy Saturday folks!

Ive been working out a lot!  My routine is running and yoga:). I've been running from studio city to sherman oaks and stopping at my favorite juice bar:). Then running back and finishing at my favorite hot yoga class!  I will keep you posted on my progress pics:). I'm hoping to shed 10 lbs by June.  ����

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Win this dress!!!!

Hi lovs!  Who wants to win this dress????  All you have to do is repost this pic on your social media (blog, twitter, Facebook, website) and tag us and send us the link!  We will choose a winner this Thursday and one lucky girl will win this dress in the size they choose!  We want you to always feel gorgeous so we will be doing lots of fun giveaways!!!
 We love you all at!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New instagram for shopcarleyglam.con

Some lunatic had my online store taken down lSt night.  Here is my new instagram store❤️
Always refer to my blog if you lose me:)

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday sale at

Check out my store at and take advantage of our fabulous Black Friday deals!  
Happy Holidays!

Monday, September 23, 2013

A sneak peek of Shop Carley Glam!

Being sick has its good side.  Hehe.  I've been working extra hard at Shop Carley Glam:)  I'm  so excited and proud of myself for being dedicated and It's just so much fun to be surrounded by all this fashion!  Here are some of the dresses I am carrying!  If you are interested in ordering any of these dresses i am offering a special deal of 15% off.  The requirements are:
1.  You have to subscribe to my blog
2.  You have to leave a comment on my blog.
3.  You have to follow my instagram accounts @shopcarleyglam and @carleycorbin
Once you have done this please email me for orders and in the subject line write "Done"
  For orders please email  Also I will be offering special deals on my ebay store.  Specific dresses are listed at an already discounted price!  Happy Shopping!

I love you all!
God Bless!

Good Things on the Horizon!

I've been so busy with creating my latest venture, Shop Carley Glam. I've hired a logo designer and I'm now taking baby steps into becoming a business owner.  It's such an exciting feeling and something I feel is long overdue for me.  I've been thinking about this for a while and it's amazing to see my dreams come to life. 

I've been glued to setting up my business.  I've been working on designs, meeting with jewelers and wholesalers, sending emails,  working on social media.  You couldn't imagine all the hard work that goes into starting a business.  

I found time recently to have dinner with a friend at Mercado Di Vetro. I was feeling a little under the weather in the picture but I had no idea how sick I would become that evening.  Yikes.

I became so sick at the dinner table that I barely made it to my friends place where I slept for 48 hours before I was able to get up.  The next day I forced myself into a car to get to the dr.  Thank God�� I did because I came down with pneumonia!  How the hell did I get pneumonia!  The first couple days were a living hell.  I suffered from cold chills and fever.  I had lots of body aches and I couldn't lift my head.  I'm on my 6th day now and I'm able to sit up and watch television so I think that's a good sign��so despite this minor set back I'm hoping to get back on my feet soon and be working on my business!

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