Friday, June 12, 2015


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Friday, May 22, 2015


My businesses are still baby's but growing so beautifully.  At we've decided to design and brand our own line instead of carrying other lines.  We looked through tons of swimsuit lines and we liked a lot but we kept going back to our ideas.  So we knew we were on to something. Here are some beach cover ups that we're working on right now!  I love them!  I think they're so gorgeous!  I would love to get some input from you guys!  Let me know what you think!

My favorite is the orange.  I never thought orange was my color but i'm loving the bold color choice as a wrap!

This one I think sort of washes me out but I can imagine on the right girl it would be beautiful!  Orange is my favorite so far!  I have a few more styles to try on.  I'll post them soon!


Friday, May 15, 2015



So here's my hair story.  I booked a photo shoot a few years ago for a hair extension company.  For the shoot they put in professional hair extensions that were semi-permanent meaning the coils.  I was so excited because although I had long hair it wasn't full like this.  So there I was prancing around Hollywood with this gorgeous long Kim Kardashian hair.  The problem was my hair wasn't naturally strong.  It was fine and thin.  So the hair exctensions  were pulling on my natural hair and eventually completely ruined my hair.   I went from coils to weft to every other brand out there.  I was concerned because every time my stylist changed my extensions I had a lot of hair falling out.  She assured me that was normal.  Well....It isn't I've come to find.   I used to buy my hair from the hair shop on wilshire in Beverly Hills.  That is the "go to" spot for every celebrity who wants gorgeous extensions including the queen herself, Kim Kardashian.  I thought if it's good enough for Kim, it's good enough for me.  Well the difference between me and Kim is she has strong thick hair to begin with.  And I'm a blonde with fine thin hair.  So bad move on my part.  My hair weakened to the point I decided to take out the extensions.  But my hair was now so thin it looked terrible.  So I bought the clip-ins.  I dont care what anyone says, the clip-ins pull on your hair too.  And that's not healthy for your hair shaft.  My hair was so completely damaged that I decided to get on biotin and began to explore lots of different types of hair vitamins.  The problem with my hair now is that it is growing but it's so weak that it breaks off at the end.  After the whole hair extension episode my hair stopped growing the same.  So recently I went to the Aveda salon and had my hair chopped to my shoulders.  It looks really cute but in my heart of hearts I would prefer my long hair again.  That's when I found  I contacted them to ask about their product.  I liked that it's a mix between herbs, vitamins and biotin.  It's a complete package for hair.  They've sent me a 3 month supply of their product to try it and review it to my followers.   If this helps my hair to grow I'll be so excited!  They are also offering a 15% off discount to all my followers.  Just go to their website and use promo code:  carley at checkout!
promo code:  carley

Will keep you all posted on my progress and results!!!!!

Here is a video taken that is very telling of how broken my hair is.  It's a cute video but my hair isn't looking amazing.  Let's hope this stuff works!


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Love Mia Forever

Hi lovs,

So for any of you who don't know (most of you do) I had a dog for 13 years who past away this past year. She suffered from pyometra and diabetes.  Her last few years she went down hill and was very sick and it was terribly devastating for me.  I spent tons of money trying to save her life but she lost the battle.  When doctors couldn't do anymore I hired a holistic healer named Lita Caeser .  But by that time it was too late.  I lived with the thought that I could have handled things a different way and it would have made things different. I was there the whole way and I held her as she took her last breath. It made me sick to see such a sweet and innocent girl die such a horrible way.  She was rejecting her insulin and every day I took her to the emergency room for $2000, they would bring her back to life.  In the evening her kidneys would start to give out.  I did learn through Lita that if you actually change an animals diet you can cure diabetes naturally so they don't need insulin.  Had I known this maybe things would have been different.  But I spent loads of money on vets and medication that got me nowhere.  It probably sounds silly to some of you but I spent every day with her.  She was with me on all my auditions, shopping, everything. She lived a long wonderful life for a dog and I'm grateful for that but when you love someone it doesn't matter if they're 95 years old.  You're never ready to lose them.  Mia was my best friend.  It was the biggest hit to my heart.  I try not to talk about her and post about her because I need to move on but I can't tell you how many times I've thought of her and cry myself to sleep. When this happened I could not believe the outpour of letters that came through on social media. 100's of letters.  I read the letters and sobbed like a baby.  They were so beautiful.  Grown men were telling me that they had read my posts and broke down in tears.  Although it was the hardest time for me I have a really big heart and I loved meeting people who have good hearts too.  I realized that some of my true friends were people i've never met that spent time reaching out to me and some of the people that I put on a pedestal really didn't deserve it.  It wasn't just about losing someone I love but also about accepting those truths.

  When Mia past away I wanted to donate her things to animals in need.  I found a woman on Facebook named Kris Kelly.  She put me in contact with a woman who had saved a litter of puppies and the mommy and daddy from a crack house.  They told me that the mommy and daddy were so far gone that no amount of help could save them.  But the litter of puppies could be saved.  I felt really good to know that her things went to such a great cause.  Kris Kelly posts daily about animals that need help.  I urge you to please follow Kris on facebook and help in any way you can!

 So it was a very tough time and I try not to post about her but today is a very special day.  I woke up this morning and I broke down in tears.  I couldn't stop crying and you know she's been gone for 8 months now so I couldn't figure out why.  Then I remembered, Mia was a Mother's Day gift for my Mother.  Mother's Day was yesterday.


We bought Mia in 2001 at  When Mia died my family did a nationwide search for another Mia for me.  They posted adds all over the internet for a Portuguese Water Dog Mix but we never did find a dog that came close.  To be honest I don't think I could replace her.

My dog loved In N Out.  Was missing her so much today, you bet your ass I was sitting at In N Out sobbing over a double patty hold the bun with some fries in honor of my girl tonight:)

Here are some of the letters posted to social media during my fight to save her.

MAY 13 2014

Prayers for Mia please:( Going to the hospital at 7am.

My girl has had a long beautiful life:). She's 14 years old now and diabetic. She's had a hard year and For the past few days she hasn't been able to walk and barely eating. We have an early morning appt at the doggie hospital. Those of you that know Mia and care about her please keep her in your prayers and those of you who haven't met her, we need your prayers too

MAY 14 2014

Update on Miss Mia:) We just got home from the hospital. Her sugar level was 606. Sky high. Thankfully it wasn't anything more than that. So I've upped her insulin and the dr says this has a lot to do with why she can't walk and is fallling over. She was in diabetic shock:( Thank you all for the kind words. It means so much to me to have friends who care:)

The video above is her last supper before I had to put her down.  I have refrained from posting the pics I have of her from her last few days.  It's just not the way I remember her.  

MAY 22 2014

Mia the wonder dog walked outside to go to the bathroom and back inside 2 days in a row:) No collapsing:)

May 29 2014

It's very hard for me to write this right now but reading all the posts I know that there are alot of people who care about Mia and are dog lovers too. Mia has been very sick with diabetes. She was dying last week. I rushed her to the emergency room and begged my friends to help me save her. They wanted $1800 a day and refuse treatment if you don't have the money. They hooked her up to Iv fluids and nursed her back to health. She was filled with keytones. 7 days later the keytones filled her body and i found her laying collapsed. So i didnt tell anyone that I took her back to the ER because I didnt want to hear that I shouldnt spend the money. They told me they had a suspicion she had cushings disease and that it was making her reject her insulin and that she only had a few days to live. They said that all the money in the world could not ensure that she would get better. Internal Medicine was closed on sunday and for memorial day so I started calling people I've never met hoping for help to save her. There is a holistic store called My pet naturally that i used to take mia too. I called them and the guy at the counter began to ask questions about Mia's condition. He posed as a friend and called the hospital and talked to the dr's. He then referred me off to a homeopathic doctor who said she could save her. Her name is Lita Caeser. So while everyone was enjoying memorial day I was frantically running to the east end of los angeles in search of sulfuric acidum and cardiotrophin pmg. They say that it goes into the body and finds cancers and infections and heals them miraculously. So every two hours I syringed them down her throat. Last night when I came home she was crying and throwing up. I carried her outside to go to the bathroom and when I carried her in she collapsed. She had no energy. So I layed on the floor w my blanket at 4 in the morning and cried like a baby and held her and told her how much I love her. She was breathing heavy and she appeared to be suffering. I felt so helpless and angry that I couldnt help her. Mia was such a sweet girl. She always wanted to make me happy and I'm just so angry and hurt that such a sweet and innocent dog could suffer the way she did. So today they had to carry her in front of all these people and happy dogs through the waiting room. Her head hung over and she had peed all over herself. It was just so unfair to see her this way. I told the dr i would do whatever they think is right. And they made the decision to put her down. They felt that her standard of living wasn't there. So I stood by her til her last heartbeat. My best friend Natasha Yi went through this and she gave me the advice to just do everything with love. So I pet her and told her that I love her and that I will never forget her. And I promised her to try to help other dogs that are sick like her. She's been my best friend for 14 years. I learned alot in the two days about homeopathic medicine and if I ever have a dog again I will definately use some of the things I learned to keep these things from happening. So if you know of an animal or person that is diabetic I am more then happy to share the things i learned for free. Mia was a blessing in my life for so many years and she will always be in my heart. I feel broken and lost and I'm sure it's not going to be easy so today I am burning a candle in honor of Mia.

JUNE 2 2014

Getting the best advice in the world from Robert Evans

Words cannot describe how grateful and blessed I feel to have this amount of love and support. I know that Mia would have loved thatI've slowly began to respond to the letters that have came in about the loss of my Momma Mia. Since her loss I have not been alone. I have been in the care of my dear friend Melissa Prophet. She surprised me w dennys in bed the first day and was there for my every need. We laughed and cried and shared story's about Mia. She has been taking impeccable care of me. I saw what kind of friend she is when she stopped everything to be there for me. We've spent the days w Mr. Robert Evans his butler Alan and their wonderful assistant Rio it's our little Hollywood family. Robert Evans, the legendary former paramount Cheif (the Godfather) Bob has been so wonderful too sharing story's about love and loss. He's lead an epic life and I needed to hear from him how you put things in place. He told me that we can't replace Mia and don't even try. And just to take things one day at a time. I've always kept everyone on Facebook and other social media outlets up to date on Mia's life but to be honest, part of the story I didn't feel right sharing due to the caliber of the megastar involved. It was a beautiful story and a miracle and this person saved Mia's life two years ago. In honor of Mia and out of great respect and appreciation to this person for giving me my baby for 2 more years I have decided to share her story in the next few weeks. Will keep you all posted. Again I love and appreciate you all so much


MAY 31 2014

‪#‎ripmia‬ We will never forget you. You changed my life forever. Not sure what I would do without ‪#‎melissaprophet‬ taking care of me and holding my hand through these troubling times. She was so gracious to host Mia's goodbye w the legend ‪#‎robertevans‬ ‪#‎thegodfather‬ ‪#‎chinatown‬ ‪#‎goodfellas‬. Mia was a gangster and this was a BIG HIT!

MAY 30 2014

I've been reading all the beautiful messages, texts and emails and they've really touched my heart in a special way. My mother said there were more letters about Mia than for most people. It means the world to me and I know That Mia would have loved that. I'm having a hard time but your letters have helped me so much I'm honestly not sure what I would have done without all the love and support. I will respond to them as soon as I can. I'm having a really hard time but I have some friends who are taking good care of me. Mia was a huge loss in my heart and she can never be replaced.

I was thinking back on the day we brought Mia home. I was at Rogers sale (flea market) w my sister and cousin racquel. There was a woman giving away a litter of puppys. They were adorable. My sister said lets get the puppy for a mothers day gift to my mom. I said, no way mom will kill us. So we decided to take a vote. My sister and cousin said yes to the dog and I said no. So we ended up with the dog... I spent every day with Mia since she was 6 weeks old. At the time I was already planning to move to los angeles. She was 6 months old when I left her. It was one of the hardest things for me. I cried half way to los angeles. It took me a few years to get situated in la but I never forgot Mia and she never forgot me too. My mom told me that when I left Pennsylvania, Mia went out to the end of the road every single day and waited for me to come home. And I never did. Eventually my mother put her on an airplane and sent her to live with me so we were reunited again and we've been together ever since. 
I've been reading all the messages and I want to Thank you all for the love and support. It feels really good to know I'm not going through this alone. And that some of you love your dogs as much as I do and have been through this before. I guess on facebook people can say, "you were such a good mom" and "you gave her such a great life." But the truth is that she didnt look like these pictures when she died. She looked sick and matted. Her organs were shutting down. I didnt want to stress her with going to a groomer. I feel aweful that she was in so much pain. I didnt know how to take her pain away. I had every hope in the world that I could save her life. But I wish I would have put her down sooner. Because she suffered and the way I saw her go she didnt deserve. She was a very sick girl. I'm just so mad at myself for not knowing how to take her pain away.

The two pictures above when two years before she died when she was dying of pyometra.  I spent $10k trying to save her.  The doctor was a complete scam artist.  I never leave negative reviews however this experience in this doctors care left me no choice.  The doctor did write me afterwards and offered me a $500 credit to remove the review and bring my new dog back in.  Unfortunately he really can't fix this situation.  You can read my review and experience by clicking on link.

The day after Mia died I took a meeting with the owner of a non-profit  I had lunch with the owner Gina and talked about doing something together in honor of Mia.  I own two online businesses that are keeping me busy but I do have some ideas that eventually I would like to make happen in honor of her.   I think most people are like me in that they don't know whats best for their pets.  After hiring a holistic healer I learned a lot about how changing an animals food can really change their quality of life.  They don't get cancers or tumors and shy from diseases.  I used to spend the big bucks on what I thought was the best dog food.  I fed her  But after speaking with the holistic healer I learned that it wasn't good for her at all.  You can actually cure diabetes by changing an animals food.  So I would like to make it easier for people like you and me to take healthy care of our pets.

I know it sounds silly because dogs live and they die but she left a hole in my heart and I hope that reading this i'm not alone in that others have loved and lost their best friend and can relate to how I feel.  And I owe it to her to share her story.
In honor of Mia I have a discount code for my online store that never expires.  
discount code at checkout:  lovemiaforever

Monday, May 11, 2015


Lots have been happening for my swimsuit boutique    This past weekend our designer flew in to Las Vegas from Russia to meet w me and my partner at coco&zee.  She left us w some samples of swimsuits already designed.  I almost died when I saw how gorgeous the swimsuits were! #gamechanger.  Seriously.  So we will definitely be carrying them.  Here's a video of the gorgeous bikinis and my partner Azita "zee"

Photo:  Carley Corbin, partner Azita and designer Karrina video

We've decided that it would benefit us work on building a brand rather than carry other labels.  So within the past few months we've been interviewing pattern makers and looking for inspirations for our bikinis.  Here is a sneak peak of our first sample made.  We would love to know your input!  If you're interested in giving some feedback or are interested in ordering this swimsuit please email us at

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lifes Little Treasures

Hello loves! A lot is actually happening and it's all really wonderful and exciting.  I've decided to partner up with one of my best friends Azita:)  We have so much in common and we seriously love and hate all the same bitches so why not start a business. lol. Here's a pic of my ZiZi.  In the coming months we will be launching a swimwear boutique.  We will be carrying the most gorgeous wraps that are perfect for Vacations in Dubai, St. Tropez, Greece...

 Since we are starting a swimwear boutique I decided to get in shape!  Since January I've lots 5 lbs.  I've mixed up cardio with my pilates and it's been doing the trick. I'm loving the Extreme Pilates classes I've been taking.  It's super hard but well worth it.  And I'm learning to really love the gym.  My gym routine consists of 30 minutes of running on the treadmill followed by 30 minutes of some ski machine.  No idea what it's called.  I also wanted to share with you this tea that I've been drinking.  I love love love my coffee but it's super dehydrating to your skin so I knew in my heart that I needed to drink less.  My heart will always be with a skinny latte but If you can incorporate the bad with the good I think that can help a lot!  I purchased Yogi teas at Whole Foods and  I think you can order them online.  They're not expensive at all.  I think I paid like $3.00 for each.

Here's how it works for me.  When I took the Berry Detox during the day I would feel tired and sluggish so I've decided to detox at night and wake up to a Healthy Skin Cinnamon Vanilla cup of tea.  This ritual has worked for me.  My skin has been looking hydrated and glowing.  My roommate Simone tried the Healthy Skin tea and I've never seen her skin look so glowing and beautiful.  So it was interesting to see how it worked on someone else.  And it proves to me that i'm not crazy.  lol
So In the morning take this!

At night try this!

Also, I've been dying to grow my hair long again so I purchased Dragon Herbs Hair & Nails Pills
I've been taking 3-6 pills per day.  I'm not the best at being consistent plus i hate taking pills so i'm not perfect at taking them all but I do take them.
Just this morning my roommate Christa said, " wow Carley, you're hair is growing so fast in like a week."  I seriously loved hearing that because this means it's working!  I've talked about Dragon Herbs in the past on my blog.  I can't express enough to you how amazing their products are!  I'm always open to hearing about new products so please email me with any recommendations!

A few weeks back I tried on this lipstick from Macys and me and Munz, my roommate were dying obsessed with it.  It comes across as a soft pink.  Very sweet and romantic.  I ordered this today from Nordstroms.  They offer free shipping so gotta love them!  I also ordered the Mac Studio Fix Concealer NW25.  I've searched far and wide but can't seem to find better:(
"Native" Lipliner  and "Naked" Lipstick all by Urban Decay

"Lovechild" lip gloss By Urban Decay

And lastly here's my new nail look.  As you can see i'm loving anything "girly" and "pink" right now.
yes i should be a top hand model!  lol

If you would like me to review your products you can email me at

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Car Car Takes The Super Bowl!

In honor of this years Super Bowl XLIX I had to share my Pepsimax and Doritos Super bowl Commercials:)  I've got my money on me:)  I seriously have the two best Super Bowl Commercials!  I'm ready to shoot another!


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