Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lifes Little Treasures

Hello loves! A lot is actually happening and it's all really wonderful and exciting.  I've decided to partner up with one of my best friends Azita:)  We have so much in common and we seriously love and hate all the same bitches so why not start a business. lol. Here's a pic of my ZiZi.  In the coming months we will be launching a swimwear boutique.  We will be carrying the most gorgeous wraps that are perfect for Vacations in Dubai, St. Tropez, Greece...

 Since we are starting a swimwear boutique I decided to get in shape!  Since January I've lots 5 lbs.  I've mixed up cardio with my pilates and it's been doing the trick. I'm loving the Extreme Pilates classes I've been taking.  It's super hard but well worth it.  And I'm learning to really love the gym.  My gym routine consists of 30 minutes of running on the treadmill followed by 30 minutes of some ski machine.  No idea what it's called.  I also wanted to share with you this tea that I've been drinking.  I love love love my coffee but it's super dehydrating to your skin so I knew in my heart that I needed to drink less.  My heart will always be with a skinny latte but If you can incorporate the bad with the good I think that can help a lot!  I purchased Yogi teas at Whole Foods and  I think you can order them online.  They're not expensive at all.  I think I paid like $3.00 for each.

Here's how it works for me.  When I took the Berry Detox during the day I would feel tired and sluggish so I've decided to detox at night and wake up to a Healthy Skin Cinnamon Vanilla cup of tea.  This ritual has worked for me.  My skin has been looking hydrated and glowing.  My roommate Simone tried the Healthy Skin tea and I've never seen her skin look so glowing and beautiful.  So it was interesting to see how it worked on someone else.  And it proves to me that i'm not crazy.  lol
So In the morning take this!

At night try this!

Also, I've been dying to grow my hair long again so I purchased Dragon Herbs Hair & Nails Pills
I've been taking 3-6 pills per day.  I'm not the best at being consistent plus i hate taking pills so i'm not perfect at taking them all but I do take them.
Just this morning my roommate Christa said, " wow Carley, you're hair is growing so fast in like a week."  I seriously loved hearing that because this means it's working!  I've talked about Dragon Herbs in the past on my blog.  I can't express enough to you how amazing their products are!  I'm always open to hearing about new products so please email me with any recommendations!

A few weeks back I tried on this lipstick from Macys and me and Munz, my roommate were dying obsessed with it.  It comes across as a soft pink.  Very sweet and romantic.  I ordered this today from Nordstroms.  They offer free shipping so gotta love them!  I also ordered the Mac Studio Fix Concealer NW25.  I've searched far and wide but can't seem to find better:(
"Native" Lipliner  and "Naked" Lipstick all by Urban Decay

"Lovechild" lip gloss By Urban Decay

And lastly here's my new nail look.  As you can see i'm loving anything "girly" and "pink" right now.
yes i should be a top hand model!  lol

If you would like me to review your products you can email me at  shopcarleyglam@gmail.com.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Car Car Takes The Super Bowl!

In honor of this years Super Bowl XLIX I had to share my Pepsimax and Doritos Super bowl Commercials:)  I've got my money on me:)  I seriously have the two best Super Bowl Commercials!  I'm ready to shoot another!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Lucky Elephant

I recently returned from a beautiful vacation at Pukhet, Thailand.  We stayed in a villa on the west coast of Phuket, Thailand called http://www.thenakaphuket.com.  I believe it is the newest resort and I can vouch for the fact that it is absolutely gorgeous.

I believe it was our second night in Phuket when we decided to see a popular elephant show called Fantasea

As we were coming into Thailand we did run into Beyonce & Jay-Z in the airport and apparently they had visited Fantasea as well and I'm sure they were unaware at the time of the horrible abuse that these animals endure but I'm sure they know now.  And I really hope that they have a heart to do something about this. 
 Here is the article.

When I arrived to Nakaphuket, Thailand all I wanted to do was ride the elephants.  I wanted to go to the shows and be apart of their lives. But when I arrived to see the elephants I realized how hard their lives were and how horribly abused they are at the cost of people just like me who come there on vacation and are sold on glitz and glamour of seeing an elephant show or being able to ride them.  

This boy in the photo opened a jar to show me he was selling bracelets. The baby elephant opened his little trunk I think because he thought he was being fed and I couldn't believe what I saw. The boy pulled out something that looks like a horse shoe with daggers on both ends. He began to slam it into the baby elephants mouth to shut him up. I was in complete shock and just disgusted. 
As I looked further I realized the baby elephant was chained to the ground and ever so often the boy would repeatedly kick the elephant. It made me so sick to see this so I began to read more online and I feel terrible that I ever supported this type of treatment. Had I known I would not have.  Silly Americans, we don't think of these things.  I had no idea. The experience weighed on me so after doing some research I found that there is an elephant rescue in Thailand and you can pay to see them. 


 However they say that some of these elephants are so badly broken in their hearts that they will never be ok. I read that they start by breaking the baby elephants spirit when they are young so that they can be socialized with common people. I did in fact write a letter to Peta and I will follow up.  If you would like to contact Peta on this matter you are welcome to as well.

 I wanted to share this photo with you all in hopes that someone sees it and can pass along this experience so maybe we can help in some way.  

If you are interested in helping to save the elephants you can donate to this non-profit organization.

There were parts of Thailand that were just beautiful and I do hope to return someday.  
It's important to understand how the decisions we make affect ourselves and others around us.  This is a year in a time where I'm proud to be an American because although we're not perfect we have made great accomplishments in helping in situations like these.  Our little voices have helped to break some of these barriers.  So I do hope that you share this link and hope that great things will be in store for our friends, the elephants.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fashion Must Have's at shopcarleyglam.com!

Hi Lovs!  Check out some of my sexy dresses at shopcarleyglam.com!  Lots happening here.  I'm contemplating either opening a store front in Los Angeles or expanding and redoing my website and just working online.  It's a tough decision but I'm really proud of my store.  It's time for big things and I'd like to see shopcarleyglam.com grow.  I'm looking forward to all new in 2015.  I've been staying busy with my store tho and loving every second of it!  You can follow us on instagram @shopcarleyglamonline

Please use promo code: lovemiaforever for a special discount that never expires in honor of my Mia.  She was the best dog ever:)
The top two pics are of my gorgeous customer:) you can follow her on twitter and instagram @may_yassine!  Wishing you all the very best!








Monday, December 8, 2014

The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Her!

1.  Chanel Clutch

Nothing and I mean NOTHING says "I Love You" like a Chanel Clutch.  I change my mind constantly about which color I prefer.  So I've made up my mind that I need them all.  No Joke..


2.  Cartier Watch with "Diamonds"

I say diamonds for every man out there that hasn't gotten the memo that "diamonds are a girls best friend."  And the bigger the better.  That being said I think Cartier is the classiest of watches for a women.  


3.  Christian Louboutin 

My two favorite styles right now are the daffodile and the pigalle.  I tend to go for the highest heel imaginable.


Here shown is the Daffodile

Here shown is the Pigalle

4.  Louis Vuitton Belt

Every woman needs that signature piece to bring a casual look to a whole different left.  Cute shoes, cute belts.  Louis Vuitton can make a gorgeous belt!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Top 3 Favorite Bloggers making Millions!

Fashion Bloggers are taking over the scene and making the big bucks!  It used to be that the top Supermodels made about $10k a day.  But these lovely ladies are smoking those averages with the help of Instagram, Facebook and other social media outlets.  Song of Style's Aimee Song can command close to $50k an appearance.  Instagram and Facebook have made it easy for bloggers to link up with major brands to monetize sales.  This beats the hell out of a dingy bottle service career.

 I personally follow other bloggers for inspiration in my personal life and in my online boutique www.shopcarleyglam.com.  A year ago I had no idea how much I would love being in the  fashion industry.  When I started my store it was designed to sell jewelry.  That got boring real quick.  Playing dress up with women from all around the world is exciting.  I dress the most beautiful women for weddings, birthdays, first dates, red carpet events etc. You name it, they call me for the job!  And there's no greater feeling than making women feel fabulous!  My store has been doing really well and the future is bright for shopcarleyglam.com  Here are my top inspirational Fashion Blogger picks!

1.  Meet Sydney Fashion Blogger

11:44AM, May 20, 2013
Cosmo talks fame, gowns and chickens with SFB, and finds out what it’s like to be a powerful blogger in her spare time…
Sydney Fashion Blogger is just a girl, standing in front of her iPhone, asking you to love her outfit. Although SFB – whose real name is Antoinette Marie – is a stylist and full-time creative producer by day, at the time of this interview she had over 200,000 followers on photo-sharing app Instagram. Companies dream of that kind of social media following; this is just one girl with an iPhone and a killer wardrobe.
Designers send her free clothes, hairdressers love to do her hair, and she’s on every guest list in the country. Girls chase her down the street, and even construction workers yell, “Hey, Sydney Fashion Blogger! I follow you on Insta,” when she walks past.
She also gets hundreds of emails every week from fans in Paris, Dubai, Cairo, Saudi Arabia, Rome, Beijing and London. When Cosmo got a look at her staggering social media stats, we really wanted to know one thing – how did she do it?
SFB may be ├╝ber-glam, but she’s also private and humble. For the record, we’ve seen inside her Facebook and blog records, and every follower is legit – she hasn’t bought a single one. She’s an honest-to-Zuckerberg social media success story.
If you follow her, you’ll know a few things: she’s crazy-beautiful, her handbag collection is amaze, she likes a good quote and goes out a lot. But what nobody knows – until now – is how she’s achieved worldwide fame.
How have you gone from 4000 followers in 2011 to over 200,000 today? You’re basically a social media wizard. It started casually! I was working in advertising, and I’d send my boss a photo every day for inspiration. When she got too busy and stopped reading my emails, I posted them on Facebook, and people begged me to start a blog. So I did.
That must have been early 2011. It was. Then I was invited to that year’s Mercedes-Benz Sydney Fashion Week. I went to the Alex Perry and Rachel Gilbert shows, then stayed the whole week, just meeting people. It was only two years ago, but nobody really knew what a blog was! They kept asking me “What’s a blogger?”
Who did you meet at Fashion Week? I don’t like name-dropping, but a lot of cool people, like designers and buyers. Especially this street-style photographer who shoots for Gucci and other fashion houses. He followed me and so did his friends. My followers grew that way. So simple! Meet a cool person, get them to follow you, repeat.
So what happened next? I was approached by a magazine in Italy to do styling. That’s how I broke into Europe, and that’s why I have a lot of Italian followers. They actually found me just by Googling “Sydney fashion bloggers” and my name came up first. Literally, because I own that name, when people say “I want a fashion blogger in Sydney,” I’m the top of the search. So it’s about friendships, search engine optimisation [SEO], and tagging things properly.
There are always going to be haters who say “she must have bought her followers.” What would you say to them? A lot of people buy their followers, but you can tell the difference. If you bought your followers, they’re just empty accounts, so when you post a photo you don’t  get any likes. You can only legitimately increase your reach if people like your photo, their friends see it, and there’s a knock-on effect like that. I’ve got proof that all of the stuff I’ve done is 100 percent viral. I’ve done no paid advertising on Facebook, and everything has just grown organically.
For most people, something goes viral once in their life. But every single post of yours goes viral. Yes! I almost always make the popular page on Instagram, which means I could get 2000 new followers with every new picture I post. That’s how it jumped up from 5000 to 99,000 in January, then 170,000 in March, 200,000 now – and who knows what next.
So, it’s 8.30pm on a Tuesday and you post a photo of you in a full-
length gown. Are you actually going out somewhere, or do you sometimes just dress up for fun? I’m always going out! I go to a lot of charity galas and functions. Plus, I’m from a big European family, so there’s always a wedding or an engagement party to go to! If I’m at a fitting, then I’ll always say so.
Why don’t you show your face? It’s a good face. Because I want the clothes to be the focus, I don’t want it to be about me personally. That way, people can imagine themselves wearing the outfit, even if they don’t look like me. It’s all about the fashion; I’m just a mannequin. 
SBF’s life on Insta:
*Swoon* SFB in one of her many ball gowns.
Katniss braids and BLING!
A dress fit for fashion royalty.
Selfie, with Chanel of course.
In the lifts at her office job: work wear with a twist.

I've had the privilege of corresponding with Antoinette Marie's (Sydney Fashion Blogger's) personal assistant and I've shipped dresses to her from my store www.shopcarleyglam.com.  I am such a fan of hers.  I just love the old Hollywood Glam look.  Dare to be fabulous.  I started my store almost a year ago and most of the things I sell are gorgeous dinner or party dresses.  I've just started to add some beautiful evening gowns.  Since I've fallen into fashion I have the greatest feeling of pride in my heart.  I'm so proud of my store and I'm looking forward to eventually taking fashion classes and designing my own pieces.  Sydney Fashion Blogger is a huge influence to me and Shop Carley Glam.

2.  Amrezy

Blazer craze

If you haven't already noticed I am blazer junkie. I love love loveeeeeeeee them! I have so many in my closet and always get excited for more. Personally its my favorite accessories besides actual "accessories". It can dress up any outfit, from pants with a dressy shirt to jeans and a tee shirt. I wear blazers with pretty much everything, casual/dressy, flats/heels. It spices up all my outfits and looks so chic. I have blazers from Topshop, Zara, H&M, Forever21, Bebe. Topshop and Zara are generally my go to shopping stores, but especially for blazers. They're great quality and last really long. I especially love blazers with big shoulder pads!!!! The bigger the better! Always been my motto. How do you guys feel about blazers? Yay or nay?

Entire outfit from Forever21, Shoes Lolashoetique

Top American Apparel, Blazer H&M, Jeans Forever21, Shoes Lolashoetique

Top Forever21, Blazer Topshop, Jeans ZARA, Shoes Lolashoetique

Top Winsor Store, Blazer Forever21, Jeans ZARA Shoes Lolashoetique

Top Necessary Clothing, Jeans Topshop, Blazer Necessary Clothing, Shoes Lolashoetique

Top Forever21, Jeans Zara, Blazer Forever21, Shoes Lolashoetique

Top Topshop, Pants Topshop, Blazer Marciano, Shoes Christian Louboutin
I have to admit, when I heard Amrezy was moving to Los Angeles I almost packed my bags and moved back:)  I'm so over women that starve themselves to be a size 0.  Amrezy let's the world know that she loves every second of being a woman and is proud of the way God made her!  And let's face it, men love a great booty! 

3.  Song of Style


Hi guys! It’s been about 2 weeks since I left South Africa but since then I was in New York for a week and now just got back home to L.A. so I’m finally getting around to share my South Africa trip with you all! My sister Dani and I were invited by Sunglass Hut to attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa in Johannesburg. It wasn’t our first trip to South Africa (we went earlier this year) but it was our first time in Johannesburg and it was so different from Cape Town or Kynsna. It was definitely fancier than the other cities in South Africa I’ve been to with less scenery than you’d expect but more people who were aware of fashion.
The first day I got to South Africa, unfortunately Dani and my luggage didn’t make it so we went on a last minute shopping spree at Zara and thankfully also at Sunglass Hut. One of my favorite pair of mirrored Ray Bans (the one with the green mirror lens that I wore all the time in South Africa) were in transit somewhere in my luggage so I picked up these blue ones from Sunglass Hut instead. 

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